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We believe that insurance is important to every family, be it life insurance to protect the breadwinner or car insurance to avoid unforeseen liabilities. Not all insurance products are made the same. Many are complicated and bundled with items you may not need or even know you are buying.

At InsuranceGuru, we dissect and simplify insurance from major insurance brands and empower you to customize, compare and choose the final product you need. You will inevitably save some money along the way. With these extra savings, buy new toys for your kids or your parents their favourite chilli crabs.

We do what we do Because Families Matter.

“Let us help you obtain the best Car Insurance or Life Insurance in Singapore now!

Why Choose Us?


Customize and choose the features you need in your insurance plan (and not buy expensive complex bundled plans).

More Choices

Have more options by comparing plans across various major insurance companies.

Cheaper Plans

Save more money with prevailing insurers’ promotions. On top of that, we offer up to 10% off the cheapest car insurance premium you find on our site!

Stress Free Comparisons

We make insurance simple by bringing all relevant jargon-free information to the table to help you understand and assess the different plans.

Fast Transaction

(For car insurance) Complete your purchase real-time online under 7 minutes with least data input needed. No paperwork needed.

Outstanding Guru Team

(For life insurance) Obtain first class advice, free insurance quotation requests and comparisons from highly qualified financial services veterans we recommend.


Do You

There are more than 12 major life insurance companies in Singapore. Assuming each company has 10 products, you have to sift through 120 insurance quotations just to find the right one. Imagine the hours spent and the possible frustration doing that! Save your valuable time for family outings instead. Let us help you obtain the best Car Insurance or Life Insurance in Singapore now!

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I am amazed that I can buy a car insurance so easily without agent help. No need to know difficult details like car engine number, thanks to Singpass. 3 quotes given to me to choose and buy instantly!
- Esther, Homemaker
"I’m so happy to find this website. Finally, I don’t have to go to so many agents and endure so many presentations before I can get the quotes to compare at my leisure time"
- Darren, Engineer
"I recommend using the free quote services before buying any car or life insurance in Singapore!"
- James, Teacher
Its easy! I simply chose the features of the life insurance I want from the website and some quotes were then emailed to me by a consultant. No buying pressure, no obligations!
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